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Cultural Collective Kukoistus is a community of artists, researchers and activists working on a farm in the village of Korkeaoja. Kukoistus provides its members with workspaces, organizes events and trainings, and aims for a life worth living. In recent years, we have renovated buildings, done a lot of volunteer work and achieved a lot. In addition, we have organized events, which is at the heart of our operations.

Joy. Kukoistus has been established so that we can live and work happily together and share the good that arises from this work with our environment. The work of artists is often lonely, the equipment needed is expensive, living in congested Finland is distressing and lifestyle synergy is essential. Our values are communal, democratic, ecological and sustainable. We strive to be constructively critical in our operations and solutions, not forgetting good intentions.


Welcome to events, trainings and association activities!



Kullaantie 739, 32860 Kokemäki, Finland

Premises for rent and residences: Aapo Korkeaoja: tel. 0447103580 or


Cultural Collective Kukoistus is managed by the Kukokotuki ry



Aapo Korkeaoja, puheenjohtaja

Elisa Pirinen, varapuheenjohtaja

Milla Tervakangas, sihteeri

Iina Vartia, rahastonhoitaja
Hanna Vaskivuo, jäsen

Julia Kovacs, jäsen



Mikko Ängeslevä

Heikki Korkeala

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