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The conceptual art exhibition CONCEPT SUMMER is an event organized by Kukoistus.

In the summer of 2014, Käsitekesä art exhibition was posed for the first time.  A challenging and experiential invitation to a group of artists, who responded by building an exhibition on the growing hemp field over the summer, which was visited by about 2,500 visitors.

The Pictures of the exhibition were viewed more than 200,000 times through the Satakunta People's Story, and sometimes car queues congested when people on a quiet village road rattled pictures of huge works in the field. Käsitekesä 2014 won the Art Promotion Centre's recognition award.  Käsitekesä was organized with the support of the KONE Foundation.


In the summer of 2018, Käsitekesä  challenges itself to explore the intelligence of nature and the people living in its middle. The Ikipuutarha, which is being built in the middle of the exhibition, is a multi-generational (millennial) plan for a multi-level growth and living environment with a layer of both cultural and ecological.


Working group: Hanna Välitalo, Aapo Korkeaoja, Henri Lokki, Esa Aro-Heinilä, Henri Ijäs, Janne Nabb, Maria Teeri, Mikko Ängeslevä, Lauri Kontula, Josefina Björk and Jorge Perreira. The concept summer is supported by the KONE Foundation, SKR Satakunta Fund and the Center for the Promotion of the Arts.


Käsitekesä works in collaboration with LAC-laboratoires actividades criativas (Pt) and The non existant center (swe).


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